When I was a kid my school brought a violinist into school to talk to the music classes. She was a lovely lady, young and slight of frame – and beautiful. We sat on the carpeted floor looking up at her as she played the most beautiful music I had ever hear from her gorgeous violin. Of course after that everyone wanted to be violinist. One of my classmates was able to convince her parents to let her take up violin (though she didn’t stick with it), but the instrument was so expensive and I was just 8 or 9 so I knew asking for something that privileged was out of the question. Still, that memory stuck with me. My mother would take us to symphony orchestras on occasion as a kid and I would marvel at the rows of people and their gorgeous instruments.

I have always LOVED string instruments…. There is something about playing any instrument and the vibration of the sound as it spreads through my limbs and into my chest that is so pure and in tune with some elemental form of life – do you know what I mean?

When I hear the song Attaboy by Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thileand, and the violin sings for the first time I get chills. Then when the cello breaks in I become covered in head-to-toe goosebumps. Their passion is something that gives me a stupefied grin across my face and brings awe-filled wonder to my eyes. It is such a treat.

THIS is joy! I want that kind of joy in my life!

The song Attaboy is part of the musicians’ amazing album, The Goat Rodeo Sessions. Bathing in its musical energy uplifts me every morning I ride the bus to work. I hope it will bring you some comparable feeling of delight.

2 thoughts on “Attaboy

  1. I might be pointing out the obvious but: you’re never too old. I don’t know a thing about reading music, music theory or how to play an instrument; yet, I purchased a trumpet at a garage sale a couple of years ago because…i have always wanted to learn how to play the trumpet. I haven’t started lessons yet; but, when i found out my coworker is a professional trumpet player I brought it in for her to look at and assess. It is my Fall goal: start trumpet lessons! (how do you practice quietly in a NYC apartment???) I also want to learn how to ride a unicycle.

    I’m 47; but, I just don’t feel like I’m really enjoying life unless i have these goals even if they seem monumental from the outside. I can get up that unicycle and go a few paces before leaping off. and that is with only sporadic attempts. This summer I have a unicycle riding friend visiting and I will ride that thing before she leaves.

    I know you have one foot upstate and one here in the city; but, have you ever checked out Jalopy Theater? they have all sorts of stringed instrument lessons and music.

    You are definitely a person made of awesome. Go where you gravitate.

    • Thanks Ann! Next time I am in the city (it’s been quite a while since I’ve popped down south) I will have to check out Jalopy. Too far for lessons, but going would be fun nonetheless. I admire your ambition – unicycle and trumpet! So cool. You might be able to sneak into a practice room at a local school to play the trumpet, or there might be a community space with practice rooms – all worth a shot!

      One day I will definitely try the violin I think – I’ve taught myself piano, I used to know the alto sax… so maybe another instrument is in my future. 🙂 For now I am following my heart in a few other directions, but all are on the path of discovery, rather than narrowly focused with blinders on. I am looking forward to the surprises that lie ahead!

      Thank you for your support – you are wonderful!

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