Know your lemons

Know your lemons.

That’s what Worldwide Breast Cancer is trying to tell women all over the country with rather dynamic and clever materials and images. I’ve shared some of these with you below. These are by far the best educational tools I’ve seen to help women understand the many faces of cancer symptoms!

(Click the image to enlarge it.) Breast structure – image source:

(Click the image to enlarge it.) Different irregularities of the breast that may be a sign of cancer. Image source:

2 thoughts on “Know your lemons

  1. This is really good!!
    It gives us a better way to visualize breast exams that we do ourselves.
    It helps one put any lumps in one’s breasts in perspective, as normal breasts can have those “soft pea” lumps that are really milk lobes. It takes some of the confusion out of it. (Of course, the hard “seed” lumps or dimples or any of the other anomalies need to be brought to a physician’s attention ASAP! (I speak from my own experience.)

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