What happy people do

Hello! I have been neglecting you, I know. It isn’t that I have forgotten about you, I am simply very busy! Jake and I bought our very first house (yay!) and are in that lovely period of unpacking and tending to the inevitable repairs that seem to be needed immediately. As a matter of fact, today’s tasks include groceries, a run for the fourth time to the hardware store to look for a groundhog – yes, a GROUNDHOG – trap. We have a freaking groundhog. It would be cute… if he wasn’t living under our porch. 🙂

So, rather than share my thoughts today, I am leaving you with a link to a great little article on what happy people do differently. It’s a fast, easy read and good food for thought. Have a great day!

“22 Things Happy People Do Differently” by Chiara Fucarino

2 thoughts on “What happy people do

  1. Great article. Kudos to Mom for raising us to be happy people and to us for making the choice to continue being happy!

    By the way, I obviously can’t speak for everyone but I think one blog post a month is totally acceptable and perhaps should be the new expectation of your busy self. Most people don’t have a lot of time on their hands to read a new post every day or every week even. And we would certainly rather read something high quality than have you make up “filler” posts every week. (And posts like these with an update on your life and/or a link to a great article or video count as a good post.) So I say just toss the apologies and guilty feelings in the recycle bin (haha, trash is bad) and post when you feel like it!

    • Thanks Sarah! I appreciate that. I have been keeping this blog for (eek!) about five years, so I’m just pleased to still be doing it. 🙂

      It really is a choice to be happy isn’t it? I had a miserable person around me for just 10 minutes this weekend and I could feel my friends recoil by her acidity. It was interesting to say the least! Happy is definitely better! 🙂

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