2 thoughts on “Pretty is a Set of Skills

  1. I love this — it totally resonated with me. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was very young, and I remember being so proud when my Mom first let me buy some and wear it like her. It was like a rite of passage! I do still wear it daily, usually, but on the weekends or when I’m at home, I definitely let it go. And even so, I wear very little and opt for a “natural” look. It is so true that people think there is something wrong with you when you leave it off! I’ve definitely gotten the sick comment more than once… I suppose it is just part of our culture that we just have to accept in some ways, but it’s good to realize the expectations we have and judgements we make of others when it comes to who we consider “pretty”.

    • I feel the same way. I stopped wearing make up years ago. At first I thought I looked ugly and tired, but I had to grow accustomed to it because the make up irritated my skin. Then I got so used to it that wearing make up was something I did to look dressy, rather than something I did to look like me. I commented on the original article how it is shocking how few women love and embrace their naked skin – both bodies and faces. Finding pretty in our natural appearance is something I think every lady should strive for – even if she occasionally still wears make up to feel “dolled up.”

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