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Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs.” (Aired May 26, 2011; found at 1:24:30)

All Over Albany, 2011
Mr X Stitch, 2011

Stitching n Junk (Episode 15 “Stitching N KitKat” at 40 minutes), 2011

2 thoughts on “Press

  1. I would like to live in a world in which people were nice to one another. In this world people would work hard, respect one another’s differences, be generous with one another, and smile. Everyone would have enough food to eat. Everyone would be warm and safe. Everyone would know that they were loved.

    It is my wedding anniversary today. I have been married 14 years. My husband is a wonderful man. I have two wonderful sons. I still have hope that the world will become a nice place to live for all people. May the leaders of our education, business, government and religious institutions set a good example for us all: Be Nice!

    • Zora Ann, I couldn’t agree more – it would be lovely to live in a world where people respected other people’s beliefs rather than disparaging them, and where people were kind and considerate to all others. Though we may never be perfect – to make an effort to be nice may be all it takes to create a better world piece by piece. Thanks for stopping by!

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