Nice Notion: Germ season

It’s coming. A sneeze. Your nose is twitching, wiggling, and tingling with the anticipation (oooh, how I love a good sneeze!). Do you cover it with:

A.     A tissue or handkerchief,

B.     Your hand,

C.     Your elbow, or

D.     Your neighbor?

With any luck for everyone else, let’s hope the answer is A or C! It’s a nice, and easy, thing to do!



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Soap and water

Germs are every where, this is true. Everything we touch has germs on it. But there is one place where germs seem to be on the mind: the restroom. 

So if you use the restroom, why not be considerate of others?  Wash your hands.

Perhaps you might not think you have a reason to wash them, but is washing going to be in any way detrimental to you?  It is certainly the considerate thing to do for those who have to open the door after you. If you are wary of germs on the faucets, would a container of hand sanitizer make it less worrisome?

Regardless of the arguments for or against hand washing, this seems like a common point of consideration of others, and an easy one to enact.


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Wipe the seatie sweetie

Do you recall that wonderful rhyme from your childhood? It went like this:

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.

There is nothing worse than walking into a restroom stall and finding the seat splattered with urine. Weren’t we all taught to clean up after ourselves?

While many people understandably “hover” to avoid the germs on the seat, do remember that there are those with injuries that are not afforded the physical ability to hover. Cleaning up after yourself is a simple courtesy that I am sure most people would appreciate.


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